Since 2013, Dat has led the pack of cutting-edge research & development in distributed ledger technology and data syncronization primitives.

Dat Project is now the Dat Foundation.

December 2019

Dat is awarded with $170k in grants from Samsung and Handshake. New hires: Andrew Osheroff, developer; Georgiy Shibaev, community manager; David Clements, developer; Karissa McKelvey, project director.

December 2018

Dat is awarded a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow. The governance team picks Darius Kazemi.

March 2018

Max Ogden leaves the project.

December 2017

Dat is awarded $200k by the Moore foundation for the ‘Dat in the Lab’ project, researching enhancements for containerization of scientific data & code. The team size is now much smaller.

June 2017

Desktop application and dataset registry are announced & released. Funding ends for Knight & Sloan grants. Kristina, Julian, and Chia-liang move on to new projects.

June 2017

A public peer called Dat Base.org announced for short-term backups and previews.

May 2017

Code for Science and Society is incorporated as a 501c(3) non-profit.

December 2016

The first meetups for ‘Coding for Science & Society’ are held in Berlin, Oakland, and Portland; organized by the Dat team.

October 2016

The team grows from 3 to 8, to include developers & designers on the Desktop application, commandline tool, and dataset registry. New hires during 2016-2017 are Joe Hand, developer; Kristina Schneider, designer; Julian Gruber, developer; Chia-liang Kao, developer.

June 2016

We received a $420k grant from the Knight Foundation for a Dat dataset registry and desktop application. Read More.

February 2016

The team begins to rewrite Dat as they plan for a files-first approach, ditching tabular representations of data. Mathias starts working on hypercore. Read More.

January 2016

Alpha testing with pilot projects in science, including Sloan Digital Sky Survey (Astronomy), iRNA-Seq (Bioinformatics – RNA), and Bionode (Bioinformatics – DNA).

December 2015

Dat Beta is released, which focused on tabular datasets. It turns out to be too complex for typical use cases Read More.

July 2015

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation provided $640k in funding until March, 2017 to support the continued development of Dat as well as targeted outreach to the natural and social science research community. Read More

April 2015

Karissa McKelvey is hired as a software engineer and scientific partnerships manager.

October 2014

Dat Alpha announced. Dat is now a set of tools & modules for creating and sharing streaming data pipelines. Read more

August 2014

Juan Benet leaves Dat and starts working on IPFS.

July 2014

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation provides $260k in funding to support the continued development of Dat. That money was used to pay Max and two additional developers to spend the year growing Dat into a vibrant, healthy, widely used open source project. Sloan’s interest is in seeing Dat used in the sciences. Read more

March 2014

First round of funding from the Knight Foundation awarded, supporting Max Ogden in building the first pre-alpha prototype with a $50k grant.

August 2013

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