Dat Foundation Governance

The Dat Foundation Governance supports the collaboration, funding, and community management. This group is involved in financial and legal decisions regarding the Dat Foundation in collaboration with Code for Science and Society.

Karissa McKelvey

Technology and Partnerships
Digital Democracy

Karissa co-founded & is a board member at Code for Science & Society and worked on Dat between 2014 and 2018. Former academic experienced in building interactive data visualization and collaboration tools. Karissa’s perspectives and work has been featured in high-profile news outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and NPR.

Mathias Buus


Mathias is a self taught JavaScript hacker from Copenhagen that has been working with Node.js since the 0.2 days. Mathias likes to work with P2P and distributed systems and is the author of more than 650 modules on npm. He is a partner at Hyperdivision, leading the technical work on the Dat Protocol.

Community Contributors

The Dat Foundation supports and works in collaboration with many open source developers working on modules compatible with the protocol. Here are some of the prominent contributors to the development of the core technologies.

Paul Frazee

Blue Link Labs

Beaker Browser

Andrew Osheroff

Based in Copenhagen, improving performance and APIs in Hyperdrive.

Georgiy Shibaev

AKA Mauve. Based in Ottawa, Canada. Open source software developer focused on developer experience, community organizing, the command line tool, and documentation.

Yoshua Wuyts

Building datrs, a Rust implementation of Dat. Funded by the Prototype Fund. ✨ 🚂 ✌

Kevin Faaborg

Head of Product
ARA Blocks LLC, a project of Little Star Media, Inc.

Peer-to-peer pioneer, technologist, and author, Kevin has led teams and initiatives at MTV Networks, Lime Wire LLC, and Spotify before joining Ara.

Alexander Cobleigh

Also known as cblgh. Based in Malmö, Sweden. Building Cabal, a local-first distributed group chat, with friends. Currently a free & independent researcher in all things peer to peer.

Franz Heinzmann

Franz Heinzmann, or Frando, is building Sonar, a local-first search engine and database for media archives. He’s part of arso, a project to research and build p2p based tools that empower people. He’s based in Freiburg, Germany.

Diego Paez


Also known as deka, LaPlataJS organizer. Dat comm-comm host. On a quest for a greater P2P experience.

Martin Heidegger


Dat comm-comm host. Working on dat for (react) mobile apps.


Here's some of the people that have contributed to Dat in the past.

Tara Vancil

Beaker Browser

Max Ogden

Started the Dat Project in 2013.

Jim Pick

Consultant for Dat Project software and builder of cool Dat demos. Co-host of @dat_cast podcast.

Kristina Schneider

Designer based in Berlin, Germany. Kriesse organizes community events like CSSconf EU, CSSclasses and upfront.ug.

Chia-liang Kao

Developer and civic hacker based in Taipei, Taiwan. Co-founder of g0v.tw.

Melanie Cebula

Computer Science major at UC Berkeley, software engineer, Hackers@Berkeley officer, open source contributor, makeup artist, swing dancer, huge foodie, feminist, and classically trained musician!

Portia Burton

Programmer based in Portland, OR. Founder of PLB Analytics, and author of O’Reilly’s upcoming ‘Data Science in Python’ video. Worked on Dat CLI tools.

Bruno Vieira

Bioinformatics PhD student at Queen Mary University of London and Node.JS Web Developer. Working on <a bionode.io and yeban/afra.

Yuhong Wang

Programmer in the bay area. Worked on Dat special use cases!

Juan Batiz-Benet

Juan is a computer scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur. He is obsessed with knowledge and studied Computer Science at Stanford University

Finn Pauls

Computer Science student at Free University Berlin, Open Source developer, Organizer of NodeSchool Berlin, Contributor to the NDJSON spec.

David Clements

Working on improving peer discovery, networking, and connections in Hyperswarm